How It Works

Wondering how we work our magic? LV

Contact us to set up an appointment.
We can arrange an in-home consultation or you can visit us at our Lafayette, CA retail store (open Tues, Wed, & Fri from 10-6 or by appointment).

We authenticate and evaluate your fine jewelry & designer handbags.
We ask you a wealth of questions and examine any documentation that you may have, then we explore the marketplace to see what similar items are selling for.

We make you an offer.
If your item is the right fit for GemLust, we tell you what we think your item is worth and offer to sell it on your behalf or we buy it outright for our collection.

Your check is in the mail!valentino
After your items sells, we send you a check for 60% of the final sale price. It’s that easy.

Convenience and privacy guaranteed!

Send us a note to set up an appointment today.

We can’t wait to help you clean out your closet!

For a preview of our current offerings including vintage diamond engagement rings and rare jewelry please visit our eBay Store.